Quirino Province Logo

The features or images captured in the corporate seal represent the province’s potentials – the mountains replicate the Sierra Madre Series in the eastern part of the province and the Caraballo and Mamparang ranges in the south.  It also illustrates that majority of its land resources are rolling to steep and very steep areas.  In the middle right hand corner of the seal are trees that represent its major natural resources.  It also signifies that the province contains the upper Cagayan River basin watershed.  The replica of bundled rice, tobacco and corn identifies the three (3) main crops grown in the province as a source of living.  The lower portion of the seal represents the abundance of inland bodies of freshwater.  This portion of the seal also divided the middle that signifies that the Cagayan River dissects this inland province of which other small rivers and tributaries flow to the mouth at Aparri, Cagayan.