Quirino is a young province with youthful celebrations. Each municipality showcases its Festivities dressed in vibrant and colorful decorations and visited by local and international tourists.

PANAGDADAPUN FESTIVAL Quirino Province celebrates its annual Festivity, dubbed as “PANAGDADAPUN FESTIVAL” an Ilocano word that means assembly or the gathering of every Quirinian. A highlight of this annual celebration is the grand parade which was enjoined by different agencies found in the province together with the convergence of all tribes thru street dancing portraying the different cultures and history of the province. It is celebrated every month of September which coincides with the Araw ng Quirino Foundation every Municipality has its festival which features its unique culture and practices. It is being celebrated every September 6-10 of the year.

Paskuhan sa Qurino is a monthlong Christmas variety fair and one of the most-anticipated Yuletide events in the Cagayan Valley Region. Held at the Quirino Sports Complex in the capital town of Cabarroguis, the fair highlights local craft, culture, and tourist attractions of the province’s six municipalities. It is being celebrated from December 1 – 31 of the year.

Penenkakasisit Festival marks the creation of the municipality but, even more important, it celebrates the convergence of all the tribes and cultures of the town in the spirit of cooperation and friendship. It features the indigenous tribes called the “Ilongots” they are the original cultural communities of the area/or the first settlers in the province. The festivity is celebrated every February 23-25th of the year.

Pagay-Pagay Festival is the celebration of the industry, perseverance, and zeal of the town’s palay farmers which enable them to realize their common aspiration of making Saguday the rice granary of the province. It is celebrated every April 7-8 of the year.

Panagsasalog Festival dramatizes the traditional custom of Quirino’s highlanders of leaving their homes at dawn to farm in the lowlands where they work all day until they return home at nightfall. It portrays how communal activities are conducted and how the town’s people express their gratitude to the Almighty for a bountiful harvest. The festival is celebrated every June 12-15 of the year.

Ginnamuluan Festival encompasses all desirable, admirable traits, characteristics, and virtues of the Filipinos. It is celebrated every June 19-21 of the year at the town of Cabarroguis.

Pammadayaw Festival Pammadayaw A manifestation in music and dance of the town’s civic spirit, it celebrates enlightened governance, public service, and people empowerment. It also inspires meaningful developments in agriculture, health, and the environment. It is celebrated in the Province of Diffun every July 2 – 4 of the year.

Panagsalukag Festival is a celebration of valuing the hard work and industry of the Aglipayanos by their habit of rising at early dawn, going and working at the farm, and leaving for home at dusk It is celebrated every July 23-25 of the year.