The phasing-out of the German contribution to the CFPQ and DFNSIP leads to dissolving the existing project organizational structure for project planning, coordination and technical support. This means that the former functions and responsibilities of the CFPQ project management team and the site management teams require continuation by the LGUs, DENR and other organizations and institutions. Thus, CFPQ steered a process to establish a MOA among collaborators and stakeholders, who have responsibilities for the planning and implementation of CBFM in Quirino province.


Strengthening CBFM Multi-Sectoral Collaboration, and Creating a Foundation for Cross-Sectoral Services in the Province of Quirino


  • It confirms that Quirino cbfm is at the forefront for validating effective mechanisms for collaborative planning and management
  • It aims to further validate the cbfm strategy so that the denr confirms and executes policy for more effective and efficient implementation of cbfm programs.
  • It purposefully supports facilitating collaborative and multi-sectoral cbfm planning and management at local, regional and national levels.
  • It addresses the need for continuity in terms of essential roles and responsibilities for cbfm collaborative planning and management.
  • It aims to harmonize initiatives undertaken by other organizations working together with POs as well as influencing natural resource management in Quirino province.
  • It also signals a concensus to establish a foundation that will interface with collaborators and provide cross-sectoral services
  • It will be entered into by the PGQ, DENR, MLGs (quirino), PO Fed (qseed), NCIP, EWW, CI and the EcoGov
  • It has 5 significant attachments which form an integral part of the MOA
    1. Roles of Quirino CBFM Collaborators (A)
    2. Proposed (DENR) Special Fund for Collaborative Management; and Quirino CBFM Implementation Matrix: Physical Targets and Operating Costs (B)
    3. Provincial Government of Quirino: 5-year Indicative Personnel Resource Support Plan – Staff having  Responsibility for CBFM implementation (C )
    4. Municipal Government: 5-year indicative personnel resource support plan – staff having responsibility for cbfm implementation (D)
    5. DENR-Quirino: 5-year indicative personnel resource support plan (E)
  • The MOA consists of 14 agreements
  1. Objectives of the collaborators and stakeholders
  2. Validity of the MOA
    • took effect upon signing
    • the MOA is made with the expectation that all obligations and responsibilities shall remain valid for at least 5 years.
    • Renewal is an option to further ensure sustainability of cbfm strategy
  3. Obligations and responsibilities of the PGQ
  4. Obligations and responsibilities of the DENR
  5. Obligations and responsibilities of the municipal local government administration
  6. Obligations and responsibilities of the PO Federation (QSEED)
  7. Obligations and responsibilities of the NCIP
  8. Obligations and responsibilities of the CI
  9. Obligations and responsibilities of the EWW
  10. Obligations and responsibilities of the EcoGov
  11. Create a Foundation
  12. Authority given to the foundation
  13. Attachments to the MOA
  14. Consent to the MOA